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MBI:TAC Training: Level 3 - Assessor reliability testing MBSR

Where: Self-directed, e-learning course

Supporting Integrity with the MBI:TAC: Cultivating Reliability in the Assessment Process is a self-directed e-learning course which involves a check of inter-rater reliability (i.e., how close/far away an assessment is to internationally agreed benchmarks). Successful completion of the Level 3 MBI:TAC training is evidence of the highest standard of MBI:TAC assessment reliability.

Who is the training for?

Anyone who has completed the following pre-requisites: 

  • Completion of level 1 MBI:TAC training
  • Completion of Level 2 MBI:TAC training
  • Current position in an MBP supervisory/assessing/training role.

 What is involved?

Assessment Process

After completing an orientation session and a tutorial, assessors are provided with sample videos of a teacher delivering an 8-week MBP. Within a period of six weeks, assessors should submit their assessments as outlined in ‘submission requirements’ below. Assessments are reviewed in relation to internationally agreed benchmark assessments, and feedback that aligns with this, including identification of teaching strengths and learning needs. Feedback on assessments will be provided within four weeks of submission.

To ensure the validity and integrity of this reliability check, it is of utmost importance that assessments are conducted individually, without discussion or collaboration.

Submission requirements

Assessors should complete:

  • An ‘MBI:TAC assessment sheet’ with one assessment point per domain and a final overall level of competency.
  • Qualitative comments for each session for both learning needs and teaching strengths.


Criteria for certification are as follows:

  • The assessment for each domain is no more than one competency level away from the benchmark.
  • The assessment is the appropriate side of the Advanced Beginner / Competent boundary.
  • The feedback provided is in line with the principles outlined in the Guide to Skilful Feedback in Mindfulness-based Programs Training and Assessment.

Nb. It is possible to certify in more than one mindfulness-based program curriculum.

Where these criteria are met, assessors will receive certification along with written feedback on their assessment.

Where these requirements are not met, the reviewer will arrange a one-to-one meeting with the assessor to explore discrepancies and where necessary, further videos of teaching practice will be provided for a second submission.

 Key learning objectives:

  1. To enable participants to receive feedback on their use of the MBI:TAC as an assessment tool to support their ongoing learning as assessors
  2. To enable formal recognition of their reliability to successful participants.

Our rates:

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The application process:

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Payment and cancellation policy:

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 Other information:

Please also see the British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches (BAMBA) for good practice guidelines and other information for mindfulness-based teachers.

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