Belinda Da Costa

Belinda Da Costa-Alves

Born in Australia and having lived in Italy for the past 17 years, I am a mother of two children. My journey into mindfulness began in 2015 after experiencing postnatal depression following the birth of my second child. Seeking ways to heal and find balance, I discovered mindfulness and it enabled me to navigate through such challenges with greater clarity and resilience. It also ignited a passion within me, which led me to complete the Mindful Schools Year Certification Training, enabling me to teach mindfulness practices in schools here in Italy.

Driven by a desire to expand my knowledge and skills, I also pursued the Paws B with the Mindfulness in Schools Project. In 2020, I took the next step on my mindfulness journey by enrolling in the teacher training pathway at the Mindfulness Center at Brown University, and am now an MBSR teacher Level 1.

I have been actively involved in teaching mindfulness to individuals and groups, in both formal and informal settings, since 2017. I have facilitated workshops, guided meditation sessions, and mindfulness retreats, reaching out to diverse populations ranging from school students to professionals in the workplace.

Volunteering for the committee would bring me great joy and satisfaction and I hope to contribute to the Mindfulness Network Community Friends website and support the growth and development of mindfulness practices within our community. Volunteering would allow me to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange knowledge, and collectively create positive change.