Cathy-Mae Karelse

Cathy-Mae Karelse, PhD is an independent specialist in deep systems change and decolonisation with 20+ years’ expertise in social transformation. In the last decade, she has extended her work to social health policies and systems and is a recognized thought leader in diversity, inclusion and belonging (DEI+). She designs and develops customised change-making strategies and trainings at multiple levels to shepherd meaningful transformation. Specialising in turning grand plans for DEI+ into practical strategies and programmes that deliver results, Dr Karelse has worked with corporates, governments, policy institutes, communities, and global programmes to establish policies, processes and social strategies of leadership, wellbeing, transformation, and growth. As author of Disrupting White Mindfulness: Race and Racism in the Wellbeing Industry and with a global network, her remit includes the support of global South leadership in sustainable transformation agendas. In addition to offering strategic thought leadership, she also operates personally as an educator, coach, and mentor.

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