Pauline Gibbs

Image previewI am a Mindfulness Teacher and Founder of the MindfulBowl, London.  I am a passionate black Londoner with a long and established contemplative practice.  When introduced to Mindfulness, I quickly discovered its benefits and incorporated it into my daily practice but also noticed the lack of people who looked like me –  Black and Urban.  In 2018 I set up a series of programmes and events to begin to look this and in 2019 began an 18 month project that focuses on the relationship between the BAME community and the Mindfulness Community. MindfulBowl London is a London-based social enterprise that promotes wellbeing, resilience and creativity through mindfulness courses, workshops and discussions. Specialising in Urban community settings.  The project aims to support the development of and access to mindfulness for all communities, with an emphasis on the BAME and the seldom heard communities.