Rosalie Dores

I have been teaching mindfulness full time, since 2007 to general populations, both in groups and as online distance learning programmes. I completed my masters in Teaching Mindfulness Based Approaches in 2011, with distinction. I offer supervision and mentoring through The Mindfulness Network.  I am an Insight Dialogue Retreat ( Relational Meditation) teacher, and teach regular eight-week Interpersonal Mindfulness Programmes. I regularly offer teacher training in leading Mindful Movement in Europe.

As well as public groups, I have taught numerous workshops and workplace mindfulness courses for organisations including The Royal College of Physicians, Allianz, Daiwa Bank, Ernst and Young and other NHS trusts and charities.

My professional background was in higher education, as well as in teaching Scaravelli Yoga.


  • B.A Hons English Literature, University of London ( 1992)
  • Scaravelli Yoga Teacher Training ( 2005 – 2007)
  • M.A Teaching Mindfulness-based Approaches (2006 – 2011)
  • Certificate in Teacher Competence (2005) Bangor University, CMRP
  • Mindfulness-based Supervision (2012) Bangor University, CMRP
  • Interpersonal Mindfulness Programme (2013) University of Massachusetts Medical School and The Metta Foundation
  • Mindfulness-based Interventions Teacher Rating Scale training (2016) CMRP
  • Training The Trainer, CMRP (2017)
  • Ongoing Focusing Practitioner training

Teaching-Training Specialisms

  • MBSR for general populations
  • MBSR one-to-one
  • MBSR distance learning
  • Mindful movement
  • Relational mindfulness/enquiry
  • Teaching on Zoom

Retreat Lead Experience

I have co-taught Dharma Contemplation with Gregory Kramer for London Insight, assisted Phyllis Hicks teaching Insight Dialogue at Gaia House and Bhante Sukhacitto at The New Life Foundation in Thailand. I have offered day retreats in London and weekend retreats in Bucharest, Romania.

Retreat Specialisms

  • Interpersonal Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness-based approaches
  • Mindful Movement

Personal Practice

I have had a committed meditation and yoga practice, since 1992. My initial meditation training was in Vipassana as taught by S.N. Goenka, this combined with Iyengar Yoga formed the bedrock of my practice for around 13 years. My meditative journey then took me to the Insight Meditation tradition and to training to teach Scaravelli Yoga in 2005. In 2006 I encountered the relational meditation practice of Insight Dialogue, developed by Gregory Kramer and colleagues. I was invited to train to teach, and am now an Insight Dialogue retreat teacher. I have co-taught retreats for Gaia House and London Insight as well as offering retreats in Europe. Each of these modalities, meditation, movement and relationality combine in my work and practice, as an emphasis on embodied relational presence. I am inspired by many body-work and meditative traditions and bring the best of these to my work in order to facilitate each persons’ process of unfolding to themselves.

Research Activities and Interests

  • The pedagogy of mindfulness and the person of the mindfulness teacher
  • The ‘shaping’ role of language in teaching mindfulness
  • Embodiment: the centrality of the body as a medium of awareness
  • Relationally and the role of empathy in teaching mindfulness

Further Information

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