Course Information

Essentials Training - Cultivating and Conveying Mindfulness (in-person, non-residential)

When: 19 Jul 2023 - 23 Jul 2023
Where: Bangor University, North Wales
Tutors: Karunavira , Sophie Sansom

About the training:

Mindfulness is ‘caught’ as well as ‘taught’ and so cultivating our mindful practice and our practice of mindful living is an essential first step in integrating mindfulness in both personal and professional settings. Developing and broadening this practice enables you to bring mindfulness more fully into your own life and forms the foundation for conveying mindfulness to others. Please note: 
This practice-based immersive training, delivered in a non-residential in-person setting, seeds the essence of every day mindful living and mindfulness-based teaching: how to become more embodied, how to relate more skilfully to the world and other people, and how to guide yourself and others in mindfulness practice. With guidance from highly experienced trainers, you will explore mindfulness of body, mind, feeling tone and experience, while wider issues such as trauma sensitivity, unconscious bias, societal and environmental issues will be woven through the two modules. This is an essential first step in an extended comprehensive modular training programme, currently under development in collaboration with Bangor University, to have wider applicability and greater accessibility.
This in-person event is non-residential and you will need to book your own accommodation. See below for more details.

Who is it for?

- Those interested in deepening and broadening their relationship with, and understanding of, mindfulness practice and wanting to develop a more grounded approach to self-guided practice

- Those planning to convey mindfulness to others and guide mindfulness-based practice in a wide range of settings and contexts 

- Those beginning their journey in teaching mindfulness-based programs (MBPs) and / or wanting to integrate mindfulness in existing professional contexts

- Existing mindfulness teachers or trainees wanting to re-establish a connection with the essentials of teaching MBPs

Learning Aims

- Deepen and broaden your personal mindfulness practice

- Develop the capacity for embodied, mindful living

- Cultivate a wise and skilful relationship with other people and the world around you

- Begin to guide the basic elements of the 3 formal mindfulness practices with supervision (body scan, mindful movements and sitting) 

- Gain an understanding of the appropriate parameters for conveying mindfulness

- Increase competency in the Domains of the MBI-TAC (more information on the MBI-TAC can be found here)

- An understanding of the ever-changing wider issues that impact the way we meet the world

Pre-requisites for attending

Participants need to have been meditating regularly for at least six months using practices that are compatible with mindfulness-based approaches.Participation in an eight-week mindfulness-based program would be of benefit and is a requirement for anyone teaching a mindfulness-based program curriculum.

Participants must commit to the entire online training. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, we are unable to negotiate late arrivals or early leaving. If this is not possible, please contact us to discuss before submitting an application.

About the trainers:

Our trainers are all members of the Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice training team. All have been extensively trained in this approach and engage in a rigorous ongoing process of training and supervision. We use strict criteria when selecting teachers/trainers to work with us. The name of the specific trainer(s) for this event is at the top of this page. Just click on the trainer name to find out more.

Venue information:

The Briganitia Building, Bangor University

Penrallt Rd, Bangor, North Wales, LL57 2AS

Participants will be required to book their own accommodation.

This training will utilise the Mindfulness Network Community site for joining information and course materials.


The training retreat has been structured to enable a ‘deep dive’ into an experiential knowing of the mindfulness approach. Scheduled over 5 days, the practice-based training provides a rich and safe environment for collaborative and participatory learning.

The training will take place from 19th - 23rd July 2023

                          Teaching                           Community Practice sessions             

Day 1                  9.00am-5.00pm                 7.30pm - 8.15pm

Day 2                  9.00am-5.00pm                 7.00am - 7.40am and 7.30pm - 8.15pm

Day 3                  9.00am-5.00pm                 7.00am - 7.40am and 7.30pm - 8.15pm

Day 4                  9.00am-5.00pm                 7.00am - 7.40am and 7.30pm - 8.15pm                                                    

Day 5                  9.00pm-4.00pm                 7.00am - 7.40am

There will be a lunchtime break between 12pm - 2pm each day.             

Please note All times are UK (BST). If you are attending from a different time zone, please check equivalent timings in your time zone.   

Preparation for the event and what you will need:

Please note: This in-person event is non-residential and you will need to book your own accommodation. Please consider the timings of the event when you plan your accomodation. 

What to bring

Mats and cushions will be provided. Please bring your own equipment if you prefer.

Loose and comfortable clothing is advisable. 

Refreshments will be provided throughout the day and participants will need to purchase or bring their own food at mealtimes. 

Participants are required to purchase a copy of the book 'Essential Resources for Mindfulness Teachers' edited by Rebecca S. Crane, Karunavira and Gemma M. Griffith from the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University, Wales, UK. This text will be utilised throughout the training programme and we are pleased to offer a publisher's discount of 20%:

Our rates:

Our rates have no hidden extras and include the £100 non-refundable deposit.

Standard rate – £820

This rate does not include accommodation.

Bursary-assisted places are available on this event until three months before the event starts. If it is less than three months before the start date of the event, please get in touch to discuss if an application is possible.  When applying for a bursary-assisted place, please first register on the event and select the fee ‘I’m applying for a bursary-assisted place’. Once you have registered for the event you will also need to complete and return a bursary application form.  

To find out more about our bursary schemes, criteria for bursary applications and to complete the bursary application form please visit:  

Employer’s rate: Recognising the administrative overhead of dealing with employers, there is a £50 surcharge if the employer is paying directly; where possible we would advise applicants to pay themselves and reclaim on expenses to avoid the charge. 

If you would like to pay a £100 deposit in the first instance please choose the applicable rate in the drop-down list in the application form.

Application and payment process:

Our application and payment process involve the following steps:

-We receive your application form and assess it to ensure that this event is suitable for you. We endeavour to make assessments within a week.

-Upon offering you a place, we will then invoice you either a £100.00 deposit or for the full amount, depending which option you choose when you complete your application.

-Your place is confirmed once we receive your deposit or full payment.

-If you selected to pay the deposit only, we will invoice you for the balance four months before the event starts.

-Your place is fully confirmed once we receive your full payment.

-We will email you the joining instructions in advance of the course.

Payment and cancellation policy:

Please read our Terms and Conditions for information regarding payments and cancellations.

Other information:

Please see the British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches (BAMBA) for good practice guidelines and other information for mindfulness-based teachers.

Certificate of Attendance. Please note that we give a Bangor University Certificate of Attendance that details the nature of the course and the hours involved. However, this does not constitute an authorisation to teach mindfulness-based approaches. The development and interest in the potential of mindfulness within a range of settings is rapidly growing and training processes are therefore becoming more structured. Within the UK, though, there are currently no formal qualifications/certification processes which regulate competency in teaching mindfulness-based approaches. This requires those of us working in this developing field to inquire deeply into our own practice, our integrity and our intentions, as well as the boundaries of our skills, competencies and understandings.

Contact us:

Please feel free to email us at to discuss any questions you may have about the course or whether it is appropriate for you at this time. We will ensure that your query reaches the correct person.

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