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Free guided practice sessions, resources and donation-based events are supported by the Mindfulness Network Community Friends.

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Events by Month

Supervision Training:Level 2 - Waiting list only
Donation event: Shame - meeting and transforming shame through the eyes of self-compassion
Teacher Training: MBSR Specialist - Waiting list only
Donation Event: Journeys with Mindfulness - a research piece on the lived experience of mindfulness
Retreat: Insight Dialogue
Teacher Training Online Level 1
Donation Event: An online silent retreat day from the Mindfulness Network Community Friends
Workshop: MBI-TAC Level 2 - Supporting Others with the MBI-TAC: Cultivating Competence in Supervision and Training
Workshop: Inquiry
Compassion: Mindfulness and Self Compassion Weekend
Retreat: Foundations of Mindfulness
Supervision Training: Level 1
Compassion: International Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living Foundation Course with Erik van den Brink
Retreat: Deepening and Extending the Foundations of Mindfulness (in-person) - Waiting list only
Retreat: Drinking deeply from the well of mindfulness together: an online retreat for mindfulness-based supervisors
Donation Event: Mindfulness-based Shibashi Movement - an introductory session
Retreat: Introducing the Foundations of Mindfulness online weekend retreat
Teacher Training Online Level 2
Compassion: Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living Teacher Training Programme
Compassion: Mindful Self Compassion Weekend Retreat
Teacher Training: MBCT Specialist
Workshop: Equality Diversity and Inclusion
Retreat: Deepening and Extending the Foundations of Mindfulness
Workshop: Groupwork


Teacher Training: MBSR Specialist
Workshop: Safeguarding
Retreat: Foundations of Mindfulness
Workshop: MBI-TAC Level 1 - Supporting the Inner Teacher with the MBI-TAC: Cultivating Reflection, Embodiment and Competence
Workshop: Inquiry
New: Integrated Action Course
Retreat: Foundations of Mindfulness
Retreat: Deepening and Extending the Foundations of Mindfulness